Latency Arbitrage: How to adjust GDAXI (DE30, DAX)?

How to map symbols between fast and slow brokers

DE30 symbol may be referred to in different ways: GDAXI, GER30, DAX….

1. Open Mt4 for slow broker and then open Market watch Window (press Ctrl+M) and check as the  symbol is designated.

GDAXI symbol

2. Make mapping for Latency Arbitrage Software

gdaxi mapping

How to set right parameters for Latency arbitrage for DAX

3. Check how many digits after the decimal DAX symbol has

If it is 0  – you can use default settings
If 1 decimal – you should multiply: “S/L”, “T/P”, “Min profit”, “Pips for MinProfit”, “Trailing step”, “Diff to open” by 10


if 2 decimals – you should multiply: SL, TP, Min profit, pips for min profit, trailing step, difference to open by 100.

You can set Max Spread Slow and Max Spread Fast = -1 to deactivate spread filter, or adjust it.

How to adjust BID and ASK offset

Your broker can have constantly different quotes for DE30 then our feeder.


In this case you should adjust “Bid Offset” and “Ask offset”. It is necessary to choose the Bid Offset and Ask offset values so that the “Bid Diff “and “Ask Diff” value changes from 0 to minus spread value.

For example if your average spread on slow broker = 2 Your “Bid Diff “and “Ask Diff” should be between -2 and 0