How to use MT4 to FIX API Trading Tool

MT4 to FIX API Trading Software allows you to use your MT4 Expert Advisor for trading on FIX API Accounts.


There are many benefits of using FIX API. You will have total control over the process of transferring and receiving data without any kind of intermediary or middleware software. Contrast this with the MT4 execution chain:

Client Terminal => MT4 Trade Server => MT4 Bridge => Aggregator => Liquidity Provider

1. Run “MT4 to FIX API Trading Tool” software



2.    Press “FIX Connection ->Edit “
3.    Select your FIX API Broker from the list. If your broker not in our list, feel free to contact us:
4.    Select “Symbols” and add all needed symbols.



5.    Select “Market data connection parameters” and enter you market data FIX API credentials


6.    Select “Trading Connection parameters” and  enter you trading connection  FIX API credentials
7.    Press “Ok”
8.    Press “Fix Connection-> Connect”
After this you can view live quotes in “MT4 to FIX API Tool” build-in market watch window.


And open orders on FIX API broker manually from build-in manual trader. This window will be improved.


9.    Press “MT4 Connection -> Edit” and select path to MT4 terminal.


10.    Also add all needed timeframes for all symbols. You can add any standard (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1…) and non-standard (M2, M3…H2, H3,H8…) timeframes. And then use your robot or indicator on standard or non-standard chart.
11.    Press “Ok”
12.    Press “MT4 Connection -> Connect”
13.    Software should run MT4 Terminal automatically
14.    In MT4 Open “File -> Open offline”


15.    Select Symbol, Timeframe from the list and press “Open”


16. Press Right mouse button on the offline chat and deselect “offline charts”



Now you can add your own forex robot (MT4 Expert advisor) to chart and trade. You do n ot need to change mql4 code, and for this reason you can use ex4 file.

Order sends to FIX API broker immediately when EA generate Buy/Sell signal.

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