Hedge (2-legs) Arbitrage New features

1.    Ability to specify different lot sizes for Broker 1 and Broker 2


You can specify different lot size for broker 1 and broker 2.

Your brokers can have different contract sizes, and you can set contract size for each broker. This option also will be helpful if one broker has more winning trades then another one.
2.    Export/import function for broker information.


This option will be useful if you use the same broker (warning: you can use only 1 account for 1 hedging pair) to create several hedging pairs.

3.    Selection of allowed trading direction for each symbol on each broker.


This parameters: “Allow Buy 1”, “Allow Sell 1”, “Allow Buy 2”, “Allow Sell 2” allow you to open only buy orders, if statistically this broker has more winning ‘buy’ orders; or only sell orders, if broker has more winning sell orders.
4.    Ability to enter minimum time interval between the deals.


This parameter “Trade Pause” allows you to set pause between trades.
5.    “Max Pips” parameter to control margin movement for one broker to another.


This parameter “Max Pips” allows you to control negative equity arising on one broker/symbol.

6.    Ability to specify offset between brokers quotes (important for indexes)


Some brokers have a constant difference (offset) in the quotes. This option helps to compensate this differences.
7.    Ability to close trade on both sides at one click from the arbitrage software.

close-current deals
8.    Automatic pause 20 seconds after unsuccessful trading operation on one of the sides.

9.    Ability to select different FIX connections for Market Data and trading.


You can use different FIX connections (different bridges/liquidity) for Market Data and Orders.

10. Ability to save trading history and logs.


Your trading history and logs will be available after restart. You can save your trading history and log as well to .CSV file.