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borya-ceo-100From: Boris Fesenko

RE: The Forex Portfolio Trader System

Dear Fellow Trader,

The Forex Portfolio Trader has been designed and developed to give the "Little Guy" access to multiple high-end currency fund trading systems at once... for the first time ever.

Some of these systems have generated thousands of percent returns on live money and some currently trade hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. Most of these systems the average trader would never be able to get access to due to the high barrier of entry.

Forex Portfolio Trader or FPT as I like to call it is modeled after how the big hedge-funds and investment banks trade for their High-Net-Worth clients. In fact some of my colleagues have called it the "Poor Man's Hedge Fund".

Over the past 14 months I've seen it reduce account risk, and smooth out our equity curve to create more consistent profits. FPT has the potential to deliver results for years to come.

Check out the results below and then click on the button that says, "YES! I Want Instant Access To The Forex Portfolio Trader" and to get started.

Boris Fesenko

How Does The  Forex Portfolio Trader Work?

The Forex Portfolio Trader (FPT) has produced some significant returns over the past 14 months, some of the best I have seen in quite some time.

Of course past performance is no guarantee of future results however I am confident in how this system works and look forward to great returns for years to come.

First, realize that with the FPT system you're not getting access to just one trading system or even one automated strategy. You're getting access to a portfolio of strategies and funds to help you consistently profit and smooth out your equity curve.

It's like nothing you've ever seen... and this concept of smoothing out your equity curve is the key.

Plus my team of professional traders and programmers are constantly using our Strategy Analysis Metrics filter to keep track of the best performing strategies being reported on across a number of performance tracking sites and reports.

When a strategy meets our criteria and it fits into the portfolio we add it in to the system... at no extra charge to you.  When a strategy starts performing below it's historical statistics we simply remove that strategy until further review.

Once we've carefully selected a new strategy, we deploy our FPT Software (hosted on our cloud servers), route the orders through our Money Management Filter and then pass the trades along to you. You can host the Trade Receiver on your computer and MT4 platform or we can connect with our fully hosted Trade Replicator.

The best part is that you're still in control of the risk parameters on your end by using proprietary technology. We've built in safe guards against large drawdowns and we've given you the ability to determine your risk parameters. You can be as aggressive or conservative as you want to be.

There's simply no limit to what you can do with the Forex Portfolio Trader.

How Has The  Forex Portfolio Trader Performed?

The Forex Portfolio Trader has followed five live money strategies with a combined trading capital of over $3,000,000 during the past 14 months. Each strategy must trade real money and have more than a 12 month history (that's part of our filtering criteria). Our oldest strategy has been trading since 2009.

This combined Portfolio Trading Approach has generated over $277,052 in profit on the past
14 months rarely trading more than 1 lot at a time (a lot is like a share for currencies).

Click the image below to pull up our broker performance tracking page and see all of the trades taken along with our equity curve.


Demo with Money Management = true


Live $60,000 account


What  professional money manager is thinking about FPT?

David G., London, UK -Professional Money Manager

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Required Risk Disclosure and Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Forex, futures, stock, and options trading is not appropriate for everyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that The Forex Portfolio Trader will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses.