Arbitrage Software for MT4 and (or) FIX API Accounts

One Leg FIX API Arbitrage (latency arbitrage) between slow and fast broker.

  • Fast broker: Free feed from 5 sources
  • Slow brokers: FIX API Brokers and MT4 Brokers
  • Cost: $500
  • Each buyer receives 3 licenses (1 License = unlimited accounts, but only 1 PC or VPS)

Live Account Real-Time Monitoring

VIDEO about FX Arbitrage Software


FIX API Arbitrage Interface

We've alredy programmed FIX API Arbitrage Interface with MT4 connects

PRICE for 3 licenses: $500

Alternative payment method

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  • q-iconis it a latency arbitrage with LMAX master datafeed and another slow MT4 brokers?

    It is latency arbitrage with LMAX, CQG master data feed. For these two broker you do not need to open account. You also can use your own data feed.

  • q-icon how can I connect to any MT4 via FIX API? As far as I know just a few MT4 brokers support FIX API?

    For slave you will be able to use a lot of slow fix api brokers (non MT4 brokers) or any MT4 broker via other api (not FIX API)

Bloomberg Video About Latency Arbitrage

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skype: bjfsupport

Twitter: @iticsoftware

FB: iticsoftware

Revision history

Ver 2.4.0
Extra features:
Fixed bugs:
1) Improvements on feeder connection stability
2) Diff to open for new symbols is applied without additional edition
Ver. 2.3.9
Due to numerous requests from our clients, we have added DAX (DE30) index to our Latency Arbitrage free fast feeder.

Ver 1.2.5
Fixed bugs:
1) Error on connecting the fast MT4 broker
2) MT4 server selection comboboxes are now editable, but the value entered anyway should be in our MT4 brokers database.
3) All brokers logs are now scrollable and “copy/clear” popup menu was added.
4) Ability to change password for slow MT4 without deleting it from the list.
5) Improved interaction speed with MT4.
Ver 1.2.4
Fixed bugs:
1) Ignoring the arbitrage situations when slow broker already trigged the rapid price change
Extra features:
1) Sound alerts on arbitrage situations
2) New “Max spread” symbol feature – if slow broker spread is greater than this value, the orders won’t be sent
3) New “Start time” and “Stop time” symbol features – define the time interval for symbol activity
4) Auto-connect on start – to enable, the program should be run with “-connectall” parameter
5) Ping to fast server is determined before connection to master established
6) All trading parameters are allowed to be decimal
7) The last message in the log is inserted to the first line
Ver 1.2.3
Fixed bugs:
1) Symbol freeze level included for breakeven point calculation.
2) “Not enough timers” problem solved.
Extra features:
1) “Connect all” button was added
2) Switching to the slow broker’s log tab when selecting it in the grid.
Ver 1.2.2
Fixed bugs:
1) Automatic reconnection to BJF feeder after socket 10053 error.
2) Edition of the slow MT4 broker
Ver 1.2.1
Fixed bugs:
1) Exception while trying to add slow MT4 broker when not all necessary fields are filled.
2) After new symbol addition its default values in symbols grid are showing correctly.
Ver 1.2
Fixed bugs:
1) Improved breakeven point calculation for trailing stop on brokers that apply commission for orders.
2) The “Disconnected” status when AccountBalanceSet (Risk Percent) is hit.
3) Floating number conversion error on program start after changing the regional settings.
Ver 1.1
Fixed bugs:
1) No orders from other strategies (opened manually) are placed into the “Opened orders” grid.
2) Balance is updated when the order is closed outside the arbitrage
3) Sender and Target fields for LMAX API connections are now in correct order
4) Improved tab order in the add/edit widows of fast and slow brokers.
5) Improved interaction with BJF Feeder, “Stream read error” and “External exception EEFFACE” are solved.
Extra features:
1) The Setting panel was added to save/export/import/clean you arbitrage application settings.
2) Difference to open is now allowed to be entered with decimal points.
3) The log files are saved to the logs folder in application working directory.
4) F. A. Q. document added (Arbitrage FAQ.pdf).

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