BJF Auto-click (manual mode emulation) – performance optimization

If you use our Manual Mode Emulation (BJF Auto-click Software) with BJF Latency Arbitrage Software, or BJF Hedge Arbitrage Software, or with your own Expert Advisors, you need to take into account following recommendations:

VPS performance optimization


  1. Recommended OS for VPS – Win Server 2008
  2. Disable visual effects to make the desktop faster.

You can find visual effects settings in Advanced tab of the System Properties window.

It can be: Control Panel -> Display Properties -> Appearance-tab -> Effects-button

Or Control Panel -> System -> Advanced-tab -> Performance Settings-button -> Visual Effects-tab.

You also can google “Disable visual effects windows xxx” where xxx – your win os version


Now, click the Settings button under Performance. The Performance Options window opens.



MT4 performance optimization

To faster operation, you need leave in MT4 market watch window only symbols that you trade and hide other symbols.

market watch vindow MT4

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