Arbitrage NEWS Trading Filter

Forex FIX API Arbitrage News add-on for news trading

The Arbitrage News Trading add-on allows you to activate arbitrage software for several minutes (adjustable) before news and deactivate for several minutes after (adjustable). It is fully automated solution. Usually economic news release time is the best time for arbitrage trading according to high volatility on the currency market. This helps you to avoid small losses during low volatility market conditions, when false entries are possible. This add-on is also helpful for news traders.

The News Trading Add-on allows you to load the news calendar from the forex factory website. You need to load it once per week only. (The best time – Saturday or Sunday when the market is closed.)

How to use FIX Arbitrage News Add-on

  1. Press the News button.

arbitrage news add-on

2. Press the ‘Update” button.

load news calendar from forex factory

3. The News calendar will be loaded from the Forex Factory website.

news trading

  1. Adjust the parameters.

Symbol Filters – you can select symbol which do you want to trade.

Ignore Filter – ignore news;

Show only current day – check if you want to load news only for current day;

Include high – include high impact news;

Include medium – include medium impact news;

Include low – include low impact news;

Minutes prior – select time in minutes when to activate arbitrage trading;

Minutes after – select time in minutes when to deactivate arbitrage trading.

You can enable/disable each of the news event.

Arbitrage trading with News Add-on Examples

instaforex news trading



pepperstone statement


instaforex statement


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