2 Legs FIX API/MT4 Arbitrage Software

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2 Legs FIX API Arbitrage software allows you to find arbitrage situation between two MT4 brokers or between 2 brokers with via FIX API; and open opposite trades on both brokers.

Example of arbitrage situation:  EURUSD price on 1st broker: 1.08731; Price on 2d broker: 1.08723; Difference = 1.08731 - 1.08723 = 0.8 pips; Software will open sell on first broker and buy on second.


The advantage of this algorithm is that we can keep the position open for a few seconds or minutes, while the price of both the broker does not change to the specified value and until after a certain (specified) time. This approach allows you to hide from the broker that you are using arbitration.

The disadvantage of this algorithm is that the trader must have accounts with both brokers.

Software has KISS Interface KISS is an acronym for "Keep it simple, stupid"

It is easy to add brokers

You can use MT4 or FIX API Brokers

It is easy to adjust FIX API brokers for arbitrage trading

Trading example

One more trading example

Arbitrage Software Settings


  • Name - you can add instrument (any available symbol) for trading
  • Start Time - time when software will start trading
  • Stop Tima - time when software will stop trading
  • Lot size - trading lot size for both brokers
  • MinPips - software can close orders on both brokers only if price will be changed on both brokers on "MinPips" value
  • MinTime - software can close orders on both brokers only if after the opening of the order will take more time than "MinTime" value
  • Slippage1 - acceptable slippage on 1st broker
  • Slippage2 - acceptable slippage on 1st broker
  • Diff to open - price difference between 1st and 2d broker for order openning
  • Diff to close - price difference between 1st and 2d broker for order closing
  • Max Spread 1 - acceptable spread on 1st broker
  • Max Spread 2 - acceptable spread on 2d broker


  • q-iconShoul I have accounts with both brokers?

    Yes, you should.

  • q-iconDo you accept all MT4 brokers?

    Yes, we accept all MT4 brokers. If you not find your broker in our list, just send us .srv file from  Data folder -> Metatrader/config/

  • q-iconDo you accept all FIX API Brokers?

    No. We accept PrimeXM, CFH, LMax, and Swissquote right now. But we can add any fix api broker for reasonable extra fee.

License for 2 VPS/Unlimited accounts: $895 $765*

*-Limited time offer.

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